Isn't it time to ditch the guilt and create the lifestyle you want?

Are you worried about the state of our planet but don't really have the time to deal with it?
Well that's fair enough!

But, this super-quick video isn't designed to waste your time or make you feel guilty.
It's a fast track to understanding our two potential futures...

...One where we keep buying and buying to feed the beast of consumerism til we literally consume ourselves to death!

... And an alternative future where we trade our consumerism for a sustainable life and live happily with time to spare and savings accounts.

If just a few more of us choose to live otherwise—
we’ll be in a bicycle lane to a sustainable future.

Want a sustainable lifestyle without the sacrifice?                 

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Kate Luckins

Kate founded Sustainable Lifestyle to be the antidote to guilt-inducing environmentalism. She’s got a PhD in sustainability, but still drives her kids to school when it rains. So if you don’t know how to recycle, she won’t judge.

Kate kick-started a global swapping movement by founding The Clothing Exchange. She took sustainable fashion to the UN Headquarters in Nairobi and has featured across all forms of media—from The Financial Review to Mamamia. Kate has created the Sustainable Style Shift to help women step off the fashion treadmill and shape better shopping habits for life!