Ditch the eco-guilt and create the lifestyle you want?

If you're feeling a touch of eco-anxiety or pangs of shame when you throw out a half-eaten loaf of bread, it's time we relieved you of that icky feeling. 

I've created Sustainable Lifestyle for people like you who want to live better with less, but find it a little overwhelming, confusing or most likely—both! And you don't want to faff about, you want to feel the improvements quickly and with ease. 

You'll be pleased to hear that a sustainable lifestyle can be about enriching your life by making things feel easier, more enjoyable—and reducing your eco footprint as you go. 

I've created three edits to ease you into sustainable living in the most satisfying way.

We can start in your wardrobe, so you create a confident closet or we can tuck into the kitchen and make mealtimes a breeze! And when sleigh bells start 'a-ringing'—there's the Christmas Edit to cut the consumerism and restore the fun. 

Join thousands of like-minded women who have upgraded their lifestyle without costing the Earth!


Get entertaining updates that help you create your sustainable lifestyle—

Sustainable Style Edit

Upgrade your wardrobe from ‘blah’ to 'BAM' and improve your shopping habits for life.


The Kitchen Edit

Get your mealtime momentum back and conquer food waste.


Free Wardrobe Workshop

Learn a mind-blowing technique to get your wardrobe and your lifestyle to match.


About Kate Luckins

When I was a guilt-laden mother of two with a PhD in sustainable living, I felt so conflicted. I wanted to help create a better future for my boys, but convenience ruled my busy family life. 

So I aligned my sustainablity values with my crazy life and become antidote to guilt-inducing environmentalism.

I created Sustainable Lifestyle so we can all feel super-ace as we learn how to live better with less—together. 



I've helped thousands of women edit their overwhelming wardrobes to reduce fashion waste and edit their kitchens to reduce food waste while boosting their nourishment.

I started working in sustainable fashion fifteen years ago, back when most people thought it was an oxymoron! While doing my fashion masters, I kick-started a global swapping movement by founding The Clothing Exchange. I took my swap story all the way to the UN headquarters in Nairobi and have featured locally (almost) everywhere from The Financial Review to Mamamia..


Need a speaker or event facilitator?

Want Kate to speak, join a panel chat or facilitate your speaking event? Kate draws upon 15 years of sustainable fashion leadership and her sustainable living PhD. Having graced Aussie tv, radio, and been a guest speaker at countless fashion festivals and sustainability events, she's an engaging, warm and experienced presenter. As Liz from Lendlease enthused; "Our customers thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous presentation with Kate". Email [email protected]


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