Ditch the eco-guilt and
create the lifestyle you want?

Wanna join the modern women's answer to owning too much crap that makes you—and the planet—feel blah?

We spend so much time cultivating the lifestyle we think we should have. We rarely stop to question what we really want.

After a long, hard head-scratch about things, I realised that I needed to do everything I could to live better with less, so that I can give my two boys the best, possible future!

It's easy to get boggled by climate change, overwhelmed with the guilt of inaction or paralysed by fear.

But now it's time to bypass all that and align your life with your true values.

I can't promise you a picture-perfect eco-chic life. But I can promise you that we will stride towards a sustainable lifestyle imperfectly—together. Kate x


Get my weekly updates that help you define your sustainable lifestyle (Soapbox-style-eco-righteousness not included).

Sustainable Style Edit

This online program takes you through the world of sustainable fashion to upgrade your wardrobe from ‘blah’ to 'BAM' and improves your shopping habits for life.


The Fridge Edit

This guide co-created with Naturopath Georgia Harding @wellnourished, helps you set up your fridge to save time, reduce waste and nourish yourself with ease.


Free Wardrobe Workshop

Wanna get out of a style rut and trade your wardrobe crisis for a confident closet! Learn how to edit your wardrobe like a pro—without costing the Earth!


About Kate Luckins

When I was a guilt-laden mother of two with a PhD in sustainable living, I used to feel so conflicted. On one hand I loved my fancy frocks, but on the other—I was worried about how the fashion industry screws our planet and compromises my son's future.

So I decided to ditch my inner conflict, align my sustainablity values with my crazy life and become antidote to guilt-inducing environmentalism.

I created Sustainable Lifestyle so we can all feel super-ace as we learn how to live better with less.


I've helped thousands of women edit their overwhelming wardrobes to reduce fashion waste and edit their fridges to reduce food waste while boosting their nourishement.

I started working in sustainable fashion fifteen years ago, back when most people thought it was an oxymoron! While doing my fashion masters, I kick-started a global swapping movement by founding The Clothing Exchange. I took my swap story all the way to the UN headquarters in Nairobi and have featured locally everywhere from The Financial Review to Mamamia.

Want to work together?

Through Sustainable Lifestyle, I offer a range of online edits to reduce waste and improve your quality of life. I also pen a weekly newsletter (that folks tell me they actually read and articles about consumerism, sustainable food, fashion and family life. Fancy engaging my services for any of the above, or to speak or host an online discussion event about sustainable living?!—just email [email protected]


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