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Drop the eco-guilt and create the sustainable lifestyle you want!

Sustainability leader Dr Kate Luckins knows how striving for eco-perfection sets us up for failure. She encourages everyone to act on climate change by living their own shade of green instead.

Live More with Less is a practical and optimistic guide to balancing planet friendly habits with our imperfect reality. It’s filled with entertaining anecdotes from sustainability leaders and everyday eco-heroes, as well as handy tips to reduce consumerism and your mental load. It steps you through elevating your wardrobe, cutting your grocery bills and restoring the joy of Christmas with ease. This book is for anyone wanting to make confident, sustainable choices to upgrade their life – for good. 



If you lose momentum as a solo eco-warrior, why not gather a group of friends to read this book together—like a book club.

The first half of the book gets you ready to take action. The second half includes 5 lifestyle edits that you can compete monthly in good company and share the wins!

Want to buy "Live More with Less" in larger quantities for your event goodie bag or business?