Leap out of your style rut, calm the chaos of your closet and stop buying
crappy clothes that make you (and the planet) feel 'blah'!

You might think the answer to having nothing to wear is to buy more clothes..

But, what if there was another way where you could step off the fashion treadmill, lose the guilt, and create outfits you love?

The truth is, you can 'shop your wardrobe' and recapture value in the beautiful clothes you've already got.

Your clothing soulmates are already in your wardrobe, they're just hidden in the clutter!

"I know 'my style' and will wear these clothes forever" —Tracey

That's why I've
Sustainable Style Edit—

A step-by-step solution for environmentally-aware women who want to upgrade their style without costing the Earth.

I've taken everything I've learned from 15 years of working in sustainable fashion and packaged it up in this fun, simple, but powerful program.

The outcome is a carefully curated capsule wardrobe based on the best 20% of your wardrobe—so that daily dressing becomes a breeze.

You''ll also be taken by the hand through the sometimes-confusing world of sustainable fashion and learn how to improve your shopping habits for life!

You'll  upgrade your personal style, dress with confidence and ease,
and feel proud about your positive impact on the planet!

Here's how it works—



Match your wardrobe with your lifestyle and learn earn how to edit your wardrobe like a pro!




Using the capsule wardrobe guide, you will compose your seasonal wardrobe to best reflect your style, lifestyle and the season ahead.



Unlock the value of your preloved clothes through consigning, reselling and donating so you can invest in the clothes you want.



Learn to spot the good stuff from the greenwash to become a considered customer (and save pennies and the planet too!)

You will get:

The Sustainable Style Edit for 12 months including all resources to help you up-style your wardrobe like a pro! [$497 value]

- A supportive Facebook group filled with like-minded women who will encourage and celebrate your wardrobe transformation [$199 value]

- A bundle of three printable guides to help you build your capsule, on-sell your clothes and fast track to sustainable fashion to refer to all the time! [$49 value]

Total value = $745


The Sustainable Style Edit...

...Isn't about finding more reasons to buy clothes you don't need. You'll have...

- A step-by-step action plan to understand your style goals, edit your wardrobe and compose your capsule collection.

- Learn new ways to approach your wardrobe that will save you time, money and eliminate decision-fatigue.

- Specific tools to help you edit your wardrobe so you can do it again and again to manage your wardrobe well for life.

- And rather than just removing the stuff you don't wear Kondo-style and sending it to landfill, you'll get a sustainable (and profitable!) solution.


"I am now so excited to open my wardrobe and choose something I know I'll love" —Rebecca

"My capsule really says who I am in clothes and it was a lot easier than I expected!" —Tennille

"I feel so proud and happy to be able to choose an outfit that truly reflects my style with ease" —Blaire

So who am I to talk about
sustainable style?

When I was a guilt-laden mother of two with a PhD in sustainable living, I used to feel so conflicted. On one hand I loved my fancy frocks, but on the other—I was worried about how the fashion industry forks our planet and compromises my son's future.

So I decided to ditch my inner conflict, align my sustainablity values with my crazy life and become antidote to guilt-inducing environmentalism.

I created Sustainable Lifestyle so we can all feel super ace as we learn how to live better with less. And I've helped hundreds of women edit their overwhelming wardrobes, define their sustainable style and shop sustainable fashion with ease.

I started working in sustainable fashion fifteen years ago, back when most people thought it was an oxymoron! While doing my fashion masters, I kick-started a global swapping movement by founding The Clothing Exchange. I took my swap story all the way to the UN headquarters in Nairobi and have featured locally everywhere from The Financial Review to Mamamia.

"I'm so grateful for this edit, it's really transformed
my outlook on my style and wardrobe" —Olivia

Imagine if you had a wardrobe that perfectly reflected your style and ethics?

And instead of waking up to an overflowing wardrobe, you're greeted by a carefully curated selection of clothes you adore.

It takes you two minutes to get dressed and you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

You feel confident and have a spring in your step for the entire day.

And when it comes to buying something new (which doesn't happen as randomly and frequently as it used to), you know how to find the perfect piece to your wardrobe and your values.



"After this edit, I feel so much more freedom and choice in my wardrobe" —Liz