Want to ditch the consumerism and restore the meaning in your Christmas?

Join the 79% of Aussies who have decided Christmas has become too commercial.

Surely there is a way to embrace what we love about Christmas and cut the crap we don't?!

If you like the sound of a Christmas that's more fun and easier to pull off, join The Christmas Edit and get access to all the free resources and online events.

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What You'll Find inside The Christmas Edit  

Day 1: Unfork Your Christmas Feast - make your meal more sustainable

Day 2: A Stress Free Christmas Lunch - an interview with Kate from Full Freezer

Day 3: A Waste Free Christmas Lunch - an interview with Annika from Oz Harvest

Day 4: Sustainable Gift Guide - full of last min sanity savers too.

Day 5: Fabric Wrapping Tutorial

Day 6: Tips on choosing a Sustainable Christmas Tree

Day 7: Your Kids best Christmas - an Interview with Amy from Playful Families

Day 8: A Grateful Kids Santa Letter - a printable template

Day 9: Colour-in Christmas Decorations - Printable PDF

Day 10: Your Christmas Edit Cheat Sheet

Kate Luckins

Kate founded Sustainable Lifestyle to be the antidote to guilt-inducing environmentalism. She’s got a PhD in sustainability, but still drives her kids to school when it rains. So if you don’t know how to recycle, she won’t judge.

Previously, Kate kick-started a global swapping movement by founding The Clothing Exchange. She took sustainable fashion to the UN Headquarters in Nairobi and has featured across all forms of media—from The Financial Review to Mamamia.

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