This free workshop shows you
how to get out of a style rut
to create your dream wardrobe
—without costing the Earth!


Watch this free workshop to  trade your wardrobe crisis for a confident closet?

If your wardrobe is overwhelming, this may sound familiar...

- You've collected so many clothes that your wardrobe is overstuffed and hard to navigate. So you avoid it and throw on what's at the top of your draw.

- You own loads of clothes but can't pull a decent outfit together when you suffer from daily decision fatigue.

- You're in a style rut and keep buying those skinny jeans and striped tees on repeat.

- You're starting to question what the real cost of those bargain buys really is for the people that make them and the planet

If you are relating to any or many of of these, this wardrobe workshop is the perfect fit for you!

Here's what you'll get—

The two questions you actually need to edit like a pro and manage your wardrobe with ease.

A crash course in the crazy rationalisations we all make to hold onto clothing that doesn’t serve us, or worse—plagues us with guilt.

A simple, yet mind-blowing technique to check how your wardrobe and lifestyle align (or don’t). And you will leave feeling liberated!

There’s a million ‘declutter your wardrobe’ things you can google, but none of them actually gets to the heart of the matter like this does.

This workshop will give you the insight and advice you need to take action and edit your wardrobe like a pro!

About your host Kate Luckins...

I used to feel so conflicted. On one hand I loved my fancy frocks, but on the other—I was worried about how the fashion industry destroys our planet.

So I decided to ditch my inner conflict, and become antidote to guilt-inducing environmentalism. We can save the world and have wonderful wardrobes too!

I've helped thousands of women edit their overwhelming wardrobes and upgrade their style—without costing the Earth!

I started working in sustainable fashion fifteen years ago and kick-started a global swapping movement by founding The Clothing Exchange. So I know that the small actions we take together can have a big, collective impact! I do hope you join me as your wardrobe is the perfect place to start...

"I have picked up tools that I will use forever more
to inform my wardrobe choices." —Lisa Brunswick

Are you ready to ditch the wardrobe crisis
for a confident closet?